General terms and conditions


We make all possible efforts to render optimal services to our clients. A smooth interaction and cooperation between the lawyer and the client therefore is essential. The services performed by the lawyer indeed are highly customized, based on actual facts and expectations. We hence expect our relationship to be not only pleasant and constructive but also dynamic and efficient.

These general terms and conditions apply to all services rendered to clients by the laywers.



Our fees are generally calculated on the basis of an hourly rate, which ranges from € 185 to € 365 for partners and counsels and from € 125 to € 200 for associates.

The hourly rates vary according to the experience possessed by and the efficacy expected of each practitioner rendering services in the case in question. They are revised periodically. An hourly rate of € 50 applies for services rendered by paralegal.

Matters may be invoiced taking into account other standard criteria such as the importance of the case, the duties to be performed, the complexity of the case and the client’s financial means. In certain cases, a success fee may be charged, particularly cases involving litigation.

A minimum of six minutes shall be billed for each day on which services are provided. This is justified by the fact that it is not materially possible to calculate time spent to the exact second and by the fact that short (or frequently non-scheduled) interventions by a lawyer require the work being carried out at the time to be interrupted.


A flat-rate charge amounting to 5% of the fee is made to cover miscellaneous expenses.

Consultation of certain outside databases may be invoiced at cost.

We reserve the right to charge photocopying of an unusual or complex scope at cost.

Expenses for registered/recorded delivery post, carriers, court officers, court registry fees, experts, translators, etc. are invoiced at cost.

Expenses for travel by car (not including taxis) outside Brussels are charged at € 0.50/kilometre; other travel expenses (taxis, rail, air, etc.) and parking are charged at cost.


VAT (if applicable) is charged on all our fees.


Our invoices are payable upon receipt.

Any invoice remaining unpaid on the due date, will automatically and without prior notice be increased with a default interest of 10% per year (calculated per calendar day) and a fixed indemnity by title of penalty clause equal to 10% of the said invoice, with a minimum of hundred euro per invoice.

4. contractual relationship and liability

The contractual relationship between the client and the individual lawyer is governed by these general conditions, individual agreements (if any) made between the client and the individual lawyer and by the legal notices available on this website. Click here for the applicable legal notices.

The contractual relationship client–lawyer exists as between the client and the individual lawyer in the cooperation. Only this lawyer shall be potentially liable towards the client. Each lawyer in the cooperation carries professional liability insurance for any breach of duty or negligence vis-à-vis the client. The liability of any lawyer in the cooperation is limited to the effective payment (minus costs of defense) by the insurer. A higher limit may be agreed upon if expressly so requested by the client and the lawyer’s consent to such higher limit shall derive only from an express confirmation in writing from the lawyer. An insurance certificate is available at first request, with no charge. The relationship with the client is governed by Belgian law (with exclusion of any further reference – renvoi – to the laws of another country through the application of any rule of Private International Law). In case of any dispute, whatever its nature and origin, exclusive jurisdiction is conferred upon the Brussels Courts, to the exclusion of any other court even in the event of a claim for indemnity, to hold harmless or any other claim by a third party, lis pendens, related actions, or any other procedural incident. The client indemnifies the lawyer against all third-party liabilities that are related to or arise out of the client’s assignment and/or activities that were carried out for the client.

The client agrees that the lawyer may rely on other (internal or external) lawyers to carry out tasks and to use non-lawyer third parties such as bailiffs, technical advisors, etc. for the performance of his activities, and agrees that the lawyer is not liable for acts or omissions of such lawyers and non-lawyer third parties.


These general terms and conditions and their interpretation and application are governed by Belgian law. The general terms and conditions of the client shall not apply.

Any and all disputes relating to our services shall be referred to the competent courts in Brussels.

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Partners of
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