Fields of expertise


Commercial law & contracts

Our Team will assist you in the day-to-day management of your business and through every stage of your business life. We identify opportunities, anticipate risks and needs, and propose legal strategies.


Corporate law /
Mergers & acquisitions

We offer goal-oriented and efficient assistance in mergers & acquisitions and corporate law issues. Our corporate lawyers have gained a large experience in domestic and cross-border corporate law and M&A.


Cross-border legal management

Cross-border or foreign transactions, disputes or legal advice can be challenging and generally require the intervention of foreign lawyers.


Dispute resolution

We focus on the identification of risks in order to anticipate and avoid litigation, to the extent possible.


Insolvency & Financial crisis management

Thanks to our extensive knowledge in the fields of bankruptcy law and judicial reorganizations, and to our understanding of the sensibilities at play among the different stakeholders in such contexts, we are the most ideal advisors for companies in difficulty.


Prevention & Legal coaching

Disputes and litigation should be prevented to the extent possible, as they consume time and resources which could otherwise be used for productive business development.


Real estate & construction

Over the years, our team has built up a strong expertise in the areas of real estate and construction law.


Tax & Tax planning

A well thought-out tax strategy makes optimization possible and can make the difference between stagnation or growth of your business.


Accountant’s liability & ethics

The accounting profession and its legal framework expose accountants and accounting firms to growing levels of risk and liability.